Converting Addon Domain to a Primary cPanel Domain

An addon domain can be converted to a primary cPanel domain by following the below steps:

  1. Back up your web content and database. You can use the cPanel Backup Wizard to create a backup of your web content and MySql database.

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    cPanel Backup Wizard

  2. Login into the original cPanel account and remove the addon domain from within the Addon Domains section.


    It is not necessary to delete the original content or original database(s).

  3. Login to your WHM panel and create a new cPanel account using the old addon domain as the primary domain.

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    Creating a cPanel Account

  4. Upload your web content to the public_html folder of the new cPanel account via FTP.

  5. Restore your MySQL database from your new cPanel account and reconnect / test database connections.

Once these steps are completed, your site should begin to resolve. There is no need to change the Name Severs since the IP address remains the same.