Locking or Unlocking Domain Names in Bulk

As a Think Technology Services Reseller, you may use the Bulk Lock / Unlock tool to Lock / Unlock multiple domain names belonging to your Customers and / or Sub-Resellers. Typically, you may need to Lock domain names in response to Compliance / Chargeback / Transaction verification cases or when you have not received payment towards a domain name Registration, Renewal, Transfer, etc.

Features of Domain Name Lock

  • When you place a Lock on a domain name, all actions available for domain names may still be performed by only you or Think Technology Services, while the Lock is still in place.

    Types of Actions possible from the Order Details view:

    • Modifying Contact Details,

    • Modifying Name Servers,

    • Registering and managing Child Name Servers,

    • Enabling / disabling Theft Protection,

    • Suspending / Unsuspending a domain name,

    • Moving / Pushing / Transferring a domain name internally to another Customer Account, etc.

  • A Transfer [Away] Request for this domain name to another Registrar will fail at the Registry itself and will not be allowed


    Locking domain names in the following TLDs would not prevent Transferring it:

    • .AU

    • .RU

  • A domain name Locked by you, can only be Unlocked by you or Think Technology Services.

  • You will not be able to Unlock a domain name locked by Think Technology Services.

  • A Customer can not Unlock a domain name under any circumstance.

Additional Information

Locking Domain Names individually



Bulk Lock / Unlock feature is not supported for domain names under the following extensions:

  • Due to restrictions imposed by the Registry Operator:

    • .DE

    • .ES

    • .EU

    • .NL

    • .NZ

    • .UK

  • Due to other restrictions:

    • .AU

    • .RU

    • .WEB.IN

To Lock / Unlock Domain Names in Bulk

  1. Login to your Reseller Control Panel. See details

  2. Here, you have two options:

    • Select domain names from a list:

      • In the Menu, point to Products and then click List All Orders. This would list all Orders under your Reseller account.

        Searching domain names 


        You may choose to search for specific domain names to Lock / Unlock, by selecting one or more of the following parameters and clicking the Search button:

        • Belonging to: You may choose to view Orders associated with a domain name or belonging to a Customer or a Sub-Reseller. Choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu and mention either the domain name / Order ID or the Customer Username / ID or the Sub-Reseller Username / ID.

        • For Product: Select Domain Registration from the drop-down menu.

        • With Status: Select the status as Active.

        • Expiry: You may choose to list domain names based on their Expiry status. Select Any, Expired or Expiring in certain number of days.

        • Purchased between: You may choose to list domain names based on their purchase date. Select the Start Date and End Date to search within this date range.

        • Include Sub-Reseller's results: You may include in the list all domain names belonging to your Sub-Resellers, by selecting this check box.

      • Select the domain names you wish to Lock / Unlock and then click the / button.

      • You may also provide a list of domain names / Order IDs / Customer IDs / Reseller IDs in the Bulk Actions page, which can be reached by clicking the icon in the List of Orders page.

      • In order to Lock / Unlock more than 50 domain names, you need to increase the number of domain names listed per page from the Results/Page drop-down menu.

    • Enter a list of domain names:

      • In the Menu, point to Products -> Bulk Tools and then click Bulk Lock/Unlock.

      • Enter a list of Domain Names, Order IDs, Customer IDs or Reseller IDs. You can mention upto 1000 Domain Names, Order IDs, Customer IDs or Reseller IDs on separate lines.

        Selecting Customer IDs or Reseller IDs allows you to Lock / Unlock all domain names under the specified Customer(s) / Sub-Reseller(s).

      • Click the / button.

  3. You would be displayed a Bulk Lock / Unlock Summary view, alongwith the total number of Orders in the Bulk Lock / Unlock Action.


    Invalid Orders or Orders not found under your Account will be segregated from your list. Such Orders can be viewed through the appropriate link(s) displayed on the Bulk Lock / Unlock Summary page.

    Invalid Orders include:

    • Suspended Orders

    • Orders of TLDs (extensions) for which Lock is not supported

    • Orders under Redemption Period

    • Inactive Orders

    • Locked Orders included in the Lock list or Unlocked Orders included in the Unlock list

    • Orders of Product types other than Domain Registration

  4. While placing a Bulk Lock Action, select the exact Reason For Locking as:

    • Compliance Case: In case of a Customer under your Sub-Reseller requesting a Control Panel directly under you. You may Lock the domain name(s) with this reason, while your discussion with the Sub-Reseller is underway.

    • Non-payment: In case you have not received payment towards a domain name Registration, Renewal, Transfer, etc.

    • Customer/Reseller account compromised: In case of unauthorized access of a Customer / Sub-Reseller Account under you. You may Lock the domain name(s) with this reason, while you are investigating the case.

    • Chargeback: In case you have received a chargeback against an online payment made towards a domain name Registration, Renewal, Transfer, etc.

    • Pending Transaction verification: In case you are verifying the details of an online payment made towards a domain name Registration, Renewal, Transfer, etc.

    • Other: Select this option if you wish to provide your own reason for Locking

    The reason will visible to only your immediate Customer / Sub-Reseller from within their Control Panel, in the Lock Action details page.

    Select the Remove lock by Sub-Resellers checkbox if while Unlocking domain names, you also wish to remove any/all Lock(s) placed by your Sub-Resellers on these domain names.

  5. Click the Lock / Unlock button to place a Bulk Lock / Unlock Action.

Tracking your Bulk Lock / Unlock Action

Bulk Actions Limit 


At any point of time, you can add upto 2 Bulk Actions. This implies that you would not be able to add another Bulk Registration / Transfer / Renewal / Suspend or Unsuspend / Lock or Unlock / Name Servers Modification / Theft Protection / Privacy Protection Action, if 2 Bulk Actions are already running. You will encounter the below error message in case you try to do so:


You already have the maximum allowed number of Bulk Operations running. Please wait for at least one to complete before starting another.

You will be able to add another Bulk Action once one of the earlier actions has been processed completely.